Keeping it Fresh

Been busy working away on the Freelance stuff over the past couple of weeks, spreading my wings into the magazine market.  Was really pleased to find fab on-line magazine, Skirt Collective, that I think is plugging a real gap in the market as far as magazines aimed at women are concerned.  All too often, magazines can be full of adverts, promotions and not much content.  What content there is being often celebrity based and banal.  Skirt Collective has much more to it though.  It’s full of real-life comment and discussion about matters that really matter to women today.

So you can imagine I was OVER THE MOON to get an article accepted by them!  If you’d like to have a peek, follow the link

Keep reading and writing.

Kate  x


4 thoughts on “Keeping it Fresh

  1. I love it Kate. Very perceptive piece of writing and I agree…we should celebrate our uniqueness as women even if we feel suicidal/ murderous/ sloth like/ tearful/ and of course 100% in the right at all times ! Congratulations on another fine article.


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