A Rant and A Celebration

Hi there,

Check out the link to my newest article on the fabulous Skirt Collective; it’s a little bit of a rant about something that’s been bothering me lately, what with all the media bashing of women and how we are meant to look and feel about our bodies.  So I thought I’d let off steam and write an article about it!  Sometimes, you just have to let it out…


Also, celebrating my gorgeous teenage daughter this afternoon as she’s come runner up in an annual poetry competition at her school!  She wrote a poem inspired by her recent trip to Flanders Fields (she’s a sensitive soul), and she has to read it out at a special presentation.  (I’m working on getting her to let me post the poem on here…).

So proud of her – looks like she’s going to give me some serious competition!

Kate  x


2 thoughts on “A Rant and A Celebration

  1. Once again Kate, you have written a superb article on a subject we ladies all can identify with but seldom think before we speak. i realise this has been a great annoyance to you but love the way you have written about it with your usual wit and wisdom.


    • Thank you for your lovely comments; I know it’s, as my 15 year old would say, ‘a first world problem’, but it is something that annoys me all the same and so I thought I’d write about it.
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