Inspiring Moments

Spring has definitely arrived: there’s blossom sprouting from trees and lambs dotting the farmer’s fields surrounding Sheffield. This morning, I donned my light jacket and headed off to the glorious Botanical Gardens, to sit, drink take-out coffee and write. Feeling slightly off-kilter lately, I hoped the inspiration would hit amongst the beauty of nature in the Gardens.

That place is amazing: sandwiched right between busy main roads and high rise hospital blocks, it offers a slice of peace and serenity in the middle of the city.  A myriad of scents assault you as you enter and there’s no pollution in sight.  I wandered aimlessly for a wonderful while, contemplating on the beauty of nature and life in general. It’s hard not to when you’re surrounded by such examples of perfection.

My favourite this time were the magnolia trees. Their blooms open out like huge fists, presenting their fragile beauty to the world. They only have a short life span, as the carpet of petals beneath them testifies. And it occurred to me: there was my inspiration. They offer their fragile beauty for this brief moment; then they’re gone. They have to make their mark in the short space of time they’re allotted.

A little bit like life.

Have a wonderful week, whatever you do with the moments you have.

Kate   x



2 thoughts on “Inspiring Moments

    • Thank you. I know what you mean; its easier to complain about things sometimes, like the rain, and completely miss the rainbows in the process.
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