Simplify, Simplify, Simplify…

Hi there,

I’m an avid list-maker.  My husband makes fun of me because of it; it’s like an addiction.  I make lists of lists.  I make a rushed list – then I write it up in ‘neat’.  I often start jobs with a ‘master list’, then reduce it to smaller lists.

I’m boring myself here.

The point is, I’ve always liked the idea that I know what I need to get done and I can tick it off once I’ve finished.  It gave me a sense of security and of having accomplished another job.

But a while ago, I got to the point where I’d got so much stuff I wanted to get done in a day/week/month, (usually an unreasonable amount), that the lists had got a bit out of hand.  I’d find myself scribbling on them day and night, pads beside my bed/on my desk/in my bag…

As I started to take my writing life more seriously, I realised I spent a large part of my days making to-do lists and rather less time, ahem, actually doing the stuff on the lists.  Worse still, the main objective – to actually write – was getting left behind altogether some days as I tried to plough through the boring admin jobs on the periphery of actually writing.

Enough was enough.

If I wanted to ever get anywhere as a writer, I realised I needed to keep the other stuff to the absolute minimum.  I decided to try winging it more.  My only concession to this was to write a simple word or phrase on a small post-it note and sticking it to a piece of blank paper on my desk.  That way, when I approach the desk each day, the note should (hopefully) jog my memory and get me cracking on the important task of the day: sitting at the desk and writing, already.

If you’re interested in a few of my other tips on living a more simple life, here’s a little link to my latest article on the fabulous Skirt Collective!

How do you keep on top of your ever-growing to-do list?

Have a great week,

Kate x


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