Feeling the Love

Hey there,

Not blogged for a while, I know, but life and writing get in the way sometimes.

So, I woke up this morning to the wonderful, and surprising news that I had won last week’s AdHoc Fiction contest with the prompt ‘Float’. To say I was pleasantly surprised and astounded was an understatement!  I almost dropped my morning coffee – almost, don’t get carried away, it is, after all, my oxygen – but I was genuinely chuffed to bits.

It’s the first time I’ve entered, and I’ve never won anything before.  I never even buy raffle tickets, because I don’t win prizes, and until I got my first flash piece published in November last year in Sick Lit Magazine, I’d only ever had features and bits of life writing published.

I know regular readers of the blog will know that I have battled with self-esteem and confidence in submitting work (as I’m sure pretty much all writer’s do), and since the end of last year I’ve continued to submit, submit, submit.  I’ve subsequently had more pieces published on Sick Lit http://sicklitmagazine.com/2016/02/01/my-name-is-by-kate-jones/ and even a poem, reproduced below.

Now, I’m not confident with poetry, and I don’t feel it’s my strong point.  To be quite honest, I don’t really get poetry that much, despite graduating with an English Literature degree.  Poetry often scares me, but I do find that if I throw some words onto the page, it inspires me to write a flash piece instead, which is my first love.

What I’ve been really pleased about this week, though, perhaps even more than the AdHoc win, was the support and encouragement I’ve received from Twitter and people who follow the blog.

I resisted social media for a long time.  I’ve heard so many bad things about trolling, etc, especially having a teenage daughter in the house.  But I can honestly say, Twitter has been, and continues to be, a great support on those lonely days when I feel like I’m the only writer to have received a rejection that week (or 2, or 3…).

I’ve heard about competitions, connected with other writers, had some great book recommendations and found out about calls for commissions from magazine editors.  I think, for a writer today, it is a fantastic resource, (provided you don’t spend too long on there instead of actually, you know, writing…).  I’ve even got myself a ‘critique buddy’ – (you know who you are!;)

So, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all those wonderful souls who take their time to say ‘well done’ when you have a victory, or ‘keep going’ when things aren’t so rosy.

If you like, you can have a read at my published poem below.  But be kind, folks!:)

Kate  x

Father’s Guitar

His guitar stands resplendent,

Statuesque. His muse – ethereal,

awaiting him to place it into its tomb-like case.

He strokes it with long, practised fingers,

caressing the taut strings.

I watch as he takes the instrument into his arms,

gently placing it into the case lined with purple velvet,

as one would place a newborn,

holding the back of the spine until last.

Clicking silver clasps shut, he leaves.

I crawl from my hiding place,

lying myself down on the cheap carpet beside it.

I am the same length exactly

as my rival.

I move close, closer still –

and, like osmosis,

try to absorb a piece of his affection.




2 thoughts on “Feeling the Love

  1. Beautiful poem and congrats on the win, that’s wonderful! I also love the idea of being “chuffed to bits.” Living in LA, that’s a turn of phrase I don’t often hear (OK, never), and I quite like it. It’s evocative. I may have to roll that into my daily vocabulary, see if hubs likes it. I recently described to him something about having solved a problem, and I said something along the lines of “I’ve got it sorted,” and he was baffled by that. “Chuffed to bits” ought to really stir him up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! I never thought of ‘chuffed to bits’ being colloquial, but perhaps it is. I come from Yorkshire in the UK, and it’s amazing how many sayings you think everyone knows, but even in a tiny country like ours, different regions look at you like you are talking a different language!


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