Hi all,

So, just wanted to pop a couple of links to two recent flash pieces I’ve had published on-line, in case you missed ’em…

One was on the fantastic Spelk, who publishes some fantastic flash fiction three times per week: https://spelkfiction.com/page/2/  Some of the comments I’ve had on this piece have been wonderful, so thanks to everyone who has been so supportive.

The second piece was on a site I regularly contribute to, SickLit, which celebrates emerging writers, in all sorts of genres.  The editor there, Kelly, puts no boundaries on the stuff she publishes, and that is so refreshing in the writing community, where sometimes, you just need someone to give you a chance to contribute.

My piece is here: https://sicklitmagazine.com/2016/04/22/the-bus-by-kate-jones/

Hope you enjoy reading, and maybe even being inspired to get submitting yourself!  There really is a wealth of great lit mags on the web at the moment, something for every taste I think.

Look out later in the week, when I should have a brand new piece of life writing up on The Real Story, which is a bit scary, as it’s an actual true to life piece, unlike my flash fictions.  There’s also going to be some exciting news about a live event for the same people, so watch this space…

Kate  x

If you’d like to read more of my stuff, I’m on Twitter @katejonespp




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