The Magic Number


Just a quick blog update as it’s still the looooong school summer holidays here, and everything has to be done at breakneck speed….

But just in case you missed it, I had a bumper week of flash published last week! Three in fact, in some of my favourite places on the web: Spelk, SickLit and Cafe Aphra. If you’d like to have a read, follow the links below:

The Last Time – by KATE JONES

So, three was definitely the magic number for me last week, but, just to mess up the symmetry of that, I’ve posted below a little story I wanted to share. It isn’t in fact one of mine this time – this is the first published piece by my big daughter who turned 17 in July. I’m so proud of her!! (though slightly worried she’s going to overtake me in no time at all…)

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading, and look out for another of my flashes coming up in SickLit later this month.

See ya,

Kate  x



2 thoughts on “The Magic Number

  1. HI Kate tried to message you on Twitter but for some reason it won’t let me. Well done you with all your published work! I am back on wordpress (as below) and back on Twitter too @rachaelmartin99 Hope to speak soon, Rachael X


    • Hi Rachael! Glad you’re back. Just followed you on Twitter, I think you must have changed your Twitter name, that’s why you couldn’t message me there – think you have to be following each other first. Will message you there but thanks for your comments! Kate x


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