Essaying, Editing & All Things Short Story-ish

Hi there!

Just a quick blog update as I’ve not posted for a while, busy busy! Which is great, because over the summer I got offered two writing roles that I am LOVING!

Firstly, I am now an Essayist for TheShortStory, a great website dedicated to, you guessed it, the short form and all its facets. My first essay for them was about the work of Jean Rhys, if you missed it and would like a read, here it is:

Secondly, I was accepted as an Editorial Intern with Great Jones Street. These guys are really pushing the current favourability of the short story, and are aiming to make their app and website subscription service the Spotify or Netflix of the short story world! If you enjoy reading short fiction, head over to:

and to find out more about how Great Jones Street came about, check out:

Finally….I’m pleased to say I have a short piece of flash fiction coming up in The Nottingham Review later this year, so look our for that in December!

Thanks for reading and following. Have a great autumn.

Kate  x


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