Shortlists & Coming Back From Rejections


Just a quick update for regular readers. I’ve been a bit quiet lately, getting my head down with the editorial intern role I’ve been doing with the fabulous Great Jones Street.  They’ve developed an app for reading short stories, sort of a Netflix-for-short-stories thing.  If you love reading short stories and enjoy getting access to fresh content by both well-known and contemporary writers, then head on to and check them out.  Having read loads of their stories now, I can guarantee they are A-class!

Added to that, I’ve been busy putting together my next essay for The Short Story website, which will hopefully be up soon.  If you missed the last one on Jean Rhys, you can still catch it here

Lastly, I haven’t totally forgotten about the creative writing side of things!  A short story I wrote for Open Pen was recently shortlisted for their free paper magazine, and so was featured on their website this weekend as part of #ShortStorySunday.  It’s here if you’d like a read (and take no notice of the shock warnings, it’s pretty tame, honest!):

I’ve also just found that I’ve been shortlisted for the lovely little A3 review, which features short stories in a fold-out map style magazine twice a year.  Keeping everything crossed for that one, which is on the theme of ‘Uniform’.

Finally, I have a piece I’m really fond of coming up in the next Nottingham Review – I’ll post a link in December once that’s up. This piece reminded me of how far I’ve come, and how important it is not to give up.  I wrote this piece quite some time ago, and even though it hadn’t been accepted at other magazines, I kept going with it, because I really liked it and believed it would fit at the right place.  My persistence eventually paid off, but I can remember a time not so long ago when I first (finally!) started submitting my work after years of shamefully hiding my work under the bed unread.  In the past, I would have taken one rejection as a sign to never send anything out again!  But as my confidence has grown, and positive comments have been made on my work, I feel more inclined to stand up for the writing I believe in.  I hope that any writers out there reading this post do the same!

As ever, thanks for stopping by, and happy reading/writing/submitting!

Kate  x


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