Welcome to Writer in Residence!  Pour yourself a coffee, pull up a chair, and take a look around.

I’m Kate – aka Writer in Residence – so named since I set up as a Freelance Writer, writing on my tiny desk in my small home in a leafy part of Yorkshire in the UK. I share my home with my two daughters and husband, as well as a spoiled black cat called George.

I set up this blog as a way to journal my writing progress and make contact with other writers, and readers.  In these pages, you’ll find bits and pieces of my own writing, links to other writing I admire, and discussions on the subjects that interest me: reading, writing craft, parenting, Yoga, women’s issues, and my aims to live a more simple lifestyle.  It hopefully makes for an eclectic mix!

If you’d like to see more of my work, subscribe to the blog or make friends with me on Twitter @katejonespp

I hope you stay around for a browse, or visit again soon : )

Kate  x



16 thoughts on “About

  1. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on your blog, but I have just read your profile and I see we are maybe thinking along similar lines! Only my two are boys, aged 6 and 8. My excuse is that they still need me, despite the fact that they’re already at school, so am using that as my excuse to stay at home for just that little bit longer and write “properly”!


    • Thanks for your comments – it is hard when you admit to people (and most of all yourself) for the first time that you want to be a ‘proper writer’ isn’t it? Use any excuse you can to get that time to indulge in following your passions, I say – even if it is your kids!! Happy Writing!

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  4. Hi Kate and thank you for the follow; as someone who thinks of themselves as a writer but is reluctant to say it out loud in case the title runs away, scared, I wish you all the best with your project. This blogging world is a good place to be as a writer, as I’ve found. Do you enjoy flash? I see you’ve tried your hand at some. If you’d like some recommended places to find flash prompts let me know. I do a fair few!

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    • Hi, I know what you mean about the title ‘writer’, but I found that once I admitted to it, I started to get more writing published! I have written quite a bit of flash too, and agree that prompts are often a really useful place to start : )

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  5. Enjoyed your posts. I have to agree with you about what defines us as a ‘writer’ but as you mentioned in your closing – if we write for the mere sake of seeing the words on paper, others reading what we write and commenting on same (usually in a good way), why should we not consider ourselves writers. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Thanks for sharing a bit of your lifestyle with us.

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