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Book Review: Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny

A lively, funny and relatable novel, filled with lovable characters. Perfect for curling up with on a dark winter's night.

50 Before 50

I saw a blog post a few days ago about the author's list of things to do before they turned 30, and it set me thinking: I have a big birthday coming up in January 2023, and I'm not really... Continue Reading →

The Books That Shaped Me

I got the idea for this blog post from one I read on the wonderful blog Mum, Write NOW. Reading that blog post about a favourite book from childhood made me think: often, when I pick up an old book... Continue Reading →

What Don’t You Want To Do?

I heard something yesterday that made a lot of sense to me, and turned the idea of New Year's resolutions and goal setting on its head. Podcaster and YouTuber Erin Elizabeth was talking to the idea of feeling lost; of... Continue Reading →

New Year in Review

In an effort to read more this year, as well as contribute regularly to the blog, I am looking to feature more book reviews, and to this end, have set up a new page on the blog highlighting my published reviews, as well as featuring reviews and author interviews in the coming year. I have named this, somewhat appropriately, as 'Reader in Residence'.

Jobs For Writers

This is something of a conundrum, I find. The debate whether it is better to have a paid 9-5 within an industry connected to writing: working at a publishing house, writing content for a company, etc. Or whether it is... Continue Reading →


This weekend, I returned to my regular Yoga classes after the summer break. It had only been a few weeks since I last attended, but despite practising Yoga now for almost 2 decades, I was surprised by how stiff and... Continue Reading →

Women, Walking

So I wrote a piece for a great literary journal, Longleaf Review, and it just landed on the 'net! It's no secret that my passions for literature land firmly in the world of women writers, particularly the early part of... Continue Reading →

Make It Do-able

We can all have lofty goals for our writing ambitions. Like writing a whole novel in November for NaNoWriMo. Producing a collection of essays for submission to an indie press. Or even just a daily target of 1000 words per... Continue Reading →

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