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My Name Is

It started with her name. She gave it up quite willingly; exchanged her father’s for her lover’s at the altar.  Standing there in an ivory dress and her grandmother’s pearls, she had felt a tiny snap as a bit of... Continue Reading →

Everyone Is Just Eyes Now

Just eyes above blue surgical masks, the ones that are found in every hardware store 3 for £1.50.  Or some in hand-stitched material, various colours and designs.  I saw a pop-up on the laptop a few days ago for a... Continue Reading →

How to Reach Your Goals: Mål Paper Planner

Not-So-Modern Girl

Welcome back for another post 🙂

I love to set myself “blogging goals”, and I’ve seen lots of great posts by bloggers such as The Doubting Thomas or Eleanor Sophie, who publish their goals in order to hold themselves accountable for their blogging progress.

These days with so much going on, it can be so hard to make productive efforts to reach our goals- whether they’re long-term, or just a simple to-do list for the day.

So today, I’m so excited to review a planner which allows people to do just that, helping people meet their lofty goals, and aspire to improve their productivity from day to day.

This is the perfect journal for ambitious graduates looking for job opportunities, bloggers who want to keep track of their progress, or even busy parents who want to put aside some time to work on their own personal goals.

I’ve really…

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‘See enough & write it down’

One of my all time favourite writers is Joan Didion.  Her non-fiction was once described by an editor as covering memoir, creative non-fiction, essay, and reportage, all in one piece. I have a collection of her published essays in a... Continue Reading →


I don't know about you, but I've been struggling with writing and creating of any kind during the past few strange (to say the least) months. Every time I've sat down for a quiet moment with pen and paper (or... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossoms

Hi Writers and Readers, After a long, dry spell - whilst the world has been in turmoil and I have felt like creating very little - I have had a piece of flash fiction published by the slick online journal Anti-Heroin... Continue Reading →

Flash Back Friday

Tonight, this room will be her marital bedroom. She peels the edges of posters from the whitewashed wall, images of adolescence, now redundant. One tears at the edge and her breath catches in her throat, before she satisfyingly tears the... Continue Reading →


I've been thinking a lot lately about my writing goals, style, and the way forward.  I've tried my hand at a fair amount of different writing styles and genres, from poetry and flash fiction, to creative non-fiction, and critical essays. ... Continue Reading →

Sherlock’s Attic Theory

I was watching an old episode of Elementary the other night, the modern incarnation of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.  Not especially somewhere I expected to pick up a useful insight on productivity and creativity, but bear with me. When Joan... Continue Reading →

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