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This weekend, I returned to my regular Yoga classes after the summer break. It had only been a few weeks since I last attended, but despite practising Yoga now for almost 2 decades, I was surprised by how stiff and... Continue Reading →

Women, Walking

So I wrote a piece for a great literary journal, Longleaf Review, and it just landed on the 'net! It's no secret that my passions for literature land firmly in the world of women writers, particularly the early part of... Continue Reading →

Make It Do-able

We can all have lofty goals for our writing ambitions. Like writing a whole novel in November for NaNoWriMo. Producing a collection of essays for submission to an indie press. Or even just a daily target of 1000 words per... Continue Reading →


How do you get into the flow of writing? This is a question many famous authors get asked in interviews and at literary events. Just how do they sit down and begin writing their best selling novels, or perfectly crafted... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading Challenge

I visited my local library this weekend, a usual activity for us on a Saturday afternoon. It's so great that the libraries have finally re-opened for browsing after over a year during Covid. It was one of the essential activities... Continue Reading →


Have you ever had one of those "great ideas" that end up turning into something not quite so great? I have these ideas all the time, particularly with my writing. I will be out for a nice walk in the... Continue Reading →

Keeping Balance

Keeping a good work/life balance. We often hear this statement thrown around, usually in relation to keeping several balls in the air at once, for example our work; our relationships; our health. But if we stop and think about it,... Continue Reading →

Social Media For Writers

I've blogged about social media before, as well as writing essays and articles about disconnecting and my fears about its overuse. But I've been thinking a lot about this issue lately. I know that a LOT of writers use Twitter... Continue Reading →

Midsummer Reflections

I noticed a lot of talk online around the end of June about the idea of reflecting on mid-year resolutions. I can get on board with this idea: many people set new year's resolutions as the clock strike's midnight on... Continue Reading →

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