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Establishing A Writing Routine

One of the things I've found most displacing during the past year of lockdowns and cancelled plans has been the lack of routine. Think about it. It's one thing to have a leisurely break in routine every so often. A... Continue Reading →

Tiny Happenings

Life. It happens all around us, even when we're penned in, locked down, socially distanced from it. It's springtime again here in the UK, and (we are told) things are starting to improve. We are slowly being allowed to emerge... Continue Reading →

Friday Flash

Fairy Tales She’s caught the 3.15 train, as instructed by her father. As trees and fields give way to the concrete blocks of the city, the muscles of her stomach tighten. She pulls out a book from her rucksack sitting... Continue Reading →

The Art of Blog Writing

Whether you have an established blog, or are thinking of setting one up, one thing you need is to be able to create crisp, engaging content; perfect prose, minus the typos and grammatical errors. There are a lot of blogs... Continue Reading →

Friday Flash

Jem ‘Bet I can climb to the top’, Jem Mason says, round blue eyes burning in a sun-touched, freckled face. We all stare up at the roof of the almost finished house. ‘No way,’ Cory Sullivan says. ‘Bet you three... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

This piece goes out to all the people on mother's day who don't have a mother around. The tree beneath which my mother’s ashes lie splits into a V shape.  In the 17 years since we scattered her there, many... Continue Reading →

Friday Flash

Pink Geraniums His house has a window box and a pocket garden out front.  She feels, as she passes by, as part of the scenery.  The scenery of the street, the town, the city. A tiny part of this sprawling... Continue Reading →

Commitment Issues

I've struggled, as I've written about before, with committing to a regular writing schedule. I have always struggled with detailed plans, and schedules, yet still I've written them, thought about them, beaten myself up if I break them. Never has... Continue Reading →

Friday Flash

Snails and Hermits I’ve always envied snails. The way they can hide themselves inside their shells, just duck way back in there, retreat, when anything they don’t like comes their way. How they carry their house along with them. The... Continue Reading →

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