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I Got Life

I was listening to a playlist on Spotify today as I walked home from work in the grey January afternoon. It was an eclectic New Year Playlist my eldest daughter put together for me, with songs from all eras of... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year! So, five minutes into the new year and people start making promises for their resolutions: this time they will lose weight/give up smoking/take more exercise...somehow, this year will be different, the one where they find the willpower to... Continue Reading →

New Feel

New feel September; children forcing reluctant toes into shiny shoes, the stuffed toes only a few school days away from scuffs and more comfort. Pressed uniforms and rushed morning exchanges. Plans that this term things will be different - calmer, better... Continue Reading →


Hey there, Long time, no write. It's been a strange few months, as I've been adjusting to a big house move, new job and new school for my youngest. I have to confess: writing and creativity have been languishing on... Continue Reading →

Live Simply

Hey there, Just a quick link to my latest offering in the brilliant Sunlight Press.  This month, they're taking a bit of an unusual tack and featuring essays, fiction and poetry on the theme of 'Your Tech Life'.  They've already featured some... Continue Reading →

Magic 8

After a bit of a dry spell over summer, I'm pleased to say things are looking up a bit. So I just got an acceptance from one of my favourite flash fiction sites Spelk! The new piece will be published in December,... Continue Reading →

Mono no Aware

Mono no Aware - Definition: the awareness of impermanence or transcience, and a gentle sadness or wistfulness at their passing. Red.  The colour of our youngest child’s puddle suit.  It’s like a second skin to her that winter. Puddles are an... Continue Reading →

The Fifth Element

I have a stone beside my bed in the shape of a heart.  Dark grey slate, there’s no mistaking it, it’s perfectly heart-shaped.  The first day of our holiday, walking toward the retreating waves, about to explore the scaurs reaching... Continue Reading →


Looking for inspiration for my own writing this morning, (which has been in short supply since my recent house move/job change/life getting in the way), I went back to my bookshelves to hunt out some of the stories and writers... Continue Reading →

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